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CSL Combo Course - Construction Supervisor

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The CSL (Construction Supervisor) 12 hour Continuing Education Course

As of July 1, 2013 the Massachusetts Construction Supervisor needs 12 hours of Continuing Education Credits for their unrestricted license. Many of those in this trade will at some time be working on housing (and soon to be commercial) that may contain lead paint. As of April 22 of 2010 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires that individuals and companies be trained and certified on the Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) rule. On July 9, 2010 the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standard took over this regulation and has been rigorously enforcing the lead safe standard. Taking this course will help avoid fines and job shut downs due to non-compliance.

Topics covered in this program are split into two separate subjects. The first includes a thorough knowlege of the RRP regulations, including when the rule applies, who can be on the job, and your duty to the customer and general public. For those contractors that will require to be licensed as a Lead Safe Renovator Contractor, applications and help completing them are supplied. The second topic of Energy is simplified for the Construction Supervisor and information is supplied for those that wish to understand the most common home Alternative Energy; Solar. The importance of having a CLS involved to protect the home owner from damage of improper roof or ground installation is stressed.

This course is 12 hours and is offered from 8AM to 5PM on day one and 8AM to 12PM. While many CSL 12 hour consume two six hour days this is only a day and a half! Please consult the course schedule for dates

  • Lead paint - Where is it and why is it so dangerous? How do I protect my family especially my children?
  • Regulations for RRP - Do I need a license or can I just be certifed?
  • Deleading - What is the difference between RRP and Deleading (can I remove lead paint)
  • Employes - Do all my employees have to be trained?
  • Records - What kind of records have to be kept and how long?
  • Cost - How much extra is the added cost of this regulation and how do I stay competetive?
  • Heat Loss - Shows the amounts and where house lose energy.
  • Energy Calculations - Help the CSL give the owner the biggest bang for their energy savings dollar
  • Types of Solar Systems - Different types of solar systems such as thermal and photovoltaic
  • State Building Codes - What size rafter and spans do the solar equipment require
  • Spanner Mounting - How to reinforce the roof for solar systems
  • Rack Mounting - Materials, mounting and maintenace

People That Would Benefit!

All CSL holders (Construction Supervisors) who have not yet taken an RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting) course. This combo of courses give you all 12 hours of Continuing Education credits toward your CSL renewal. Don't be left out and wait until the last minute to fulfill your obligation for license renewal. You may take these courses separately, please consult the schedule for these courses. NOTE: if you have an RRP certificate from us after September 23rd of 2011, you may not need to take the RRP course again; call to be sure.

Who Should Attend?

All CSL who want to spend their Continuing Education time in a useful way to fulfill the 12 hour requirements.


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